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Creating Something that's worth talking about


Effective marketing does not just drive traffic:
it directly affects bottom line revenue.

Community Development, Dynamic Marketing, Sustainable Placemaking


  • Create diverse, authentic communities whether those communities are within the walls of a shopping center, a bookstore, a coffee house - or, where there are no walls at all.
  • Create loyal customers by creating personal connections while building a sustainable and dynamic community. By creating community connections and improving the civic life of individuals and communities, businesses succeed and people thrive. You can be a good neighbor and do good business; they're not mutually exclusive!
  • Work to create compelling spaces, and cultivate a spirit of community through place making and creative social events.
  • Engage those in the community to foster collaborative partnerships. Merely understanding the needs of the community is not enough: we must act to create these spaces and build an urban energy that keeps bringing people back.
  • With flexibility and an eye to the future, monitor, analyze and adjust project as conditions change.
  • Customer Service training seminars for management,
    retail and service staff.
  • Communications, newsletters, email updates.
  • Website writing and editing.



  • Bringing a wide network of public relations and media contacts established over 24 years;
  • Market research resources and capabilities to collect and/or analyze current data to determine community needs and to better identify successful approaches;
  • Facilitate business-to-business collaborations, creating solid partnership ties resulting in strong sales;
  • Full-service, one-of-a-kind special event conception through facilitation;
  • Annual merchandising, promotional and community events;
  • Advise and negotiate media buys, specializing in co-operative & new media advertising;
  • Pro-active multiculturalism, intercultural communication and diversity within all projects.
  • Collaborate with local community members, business owners, developers, and city & county representatives to create authentic communities that speak to the needs of all. {The desire to build a community is a very different matter from actually building community!}
  • Social networking: extensive use of blogs, Facebook, online calendars and other social networking tools with great success.  I have a special interest in using these tools even more in the future for information gathering and sharing.
  • Writing news releases, online content, articles, blog entries, reports and short stories.

Who needs our services?  

  • Progressive Real Estate Developers
  • Retail, Restaurant and Services
  • City and County Councils and Boards
  • School Boards
  • Parks & Community Services
  • Community Councils
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Public and Private Sectors

Clients include: 

Crossroads Bellevue/Metrovation

Su Development - 989 Elements, Elements Too, Bellevue Plaza, Open Satellite, Ashwood Arts District

Mrs. Ina Tateuchi, Bellevue, WA

Bellevue HeliSTOP Advocacy

Depot Arts Center, Anacortes, WA

Ethnic Heritage Council / CroatiaFest, Seattle Center

City of Bellevue

HealthServices NW

Hesch & Shain Real Estate Consultants | 15709 NE 1st Place, Bellevue, WA 98008 | 425.442.7596