Community Glue
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people at a fair together

people learn together

people eat together

Community glue we are bound together...



A need to connect with other humans
A need to connect with nature and all senses
A need to earn a living
A desire to have fun
A common enjoyment of culture as expressed through music,
art & dance

To make the world more humane...

By establishing spaces where people want to come, want to return and want to bring their friends and family, we create 'community glue', the magic ingredient that holds our communities together.


As people seek out connections that affirm the spirit of their individual, home and work lives, we understand more and more that people need to be involved in their community. Today's neighborhoods are centered in our 'village squares' and these village centers must strive to be inclusive, sensible and have a creativity that encourages healthy community engagement and sustainable growth. 

What's 'Community Glue'?

In 2006, The City of Bellevue, Washington awarded the Annual Community Builders Award to Lynn Terpstra.  During the award ceremony, Bellevue Councilperson Claudia Balducci called Terpstra "the community glue".  The name stuck

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