Bellevue needs Responsible Heliport Policy.

Helistop issue goes before City Council – Tuesday, July 6, 8PM Please attend!


In March, 2010, the Hearing Examiner recommended that Bellevue City Council remand the Kemper Development Helistop Conditional Use Permit application back to the City Staff for further investigation and analysis…

On July 6th, 8PM in Bellevue City Hall Council Chambers, City Council will address this recommendation.

It is CRITICAL THAT YOU ATTEND THIS MEETING!!  This is our last, best chance to take a stand to keep Bellevue skies clear, clean, safe and quiet.

Be there to remind Council members that you don’t think that private heliports belong in residential and commercial zones and to show that you’re concerned about the long-term implications of approving a private helistop in the heart of downtown Bellevue.

This is a public meeting although there will be no public comment.

Save the date, mark your calendar and please, ATTEND THE JULY 6th HEARING!

Background (further info available in past posts on this site) :

In November, 2009 during a Bellevue City Council Meeting, Council voted unanimously to remand the Kemper Helistop matter to the Hearing Examiner.

Their vote was informed by discussion and comments between City Council and its legal counsel regarding the scope of the review including:

    • The Examiner should focus on the safety issue,
    • To reopen the record for the limited purpose of admitting the FAA response into the record,
    • To review the FAA response and using an open process to ensure procedural fairness, allowing the parties to comment on the FAA review, the FAA letter and any consequences of that letter,
    • To determine whether additional findings, conclusions or conditions are appropriate
    • And finally, to return the matter to Council for final decision.  (That’s where we are now.  July 6th, 8PM…)

The remand hearings were held on January 21 and February 4, 2010 and on March 10, the Hearing Examiner submitted his recommendation that Council remand the KCD Conditional Use Permit Application back to City staff for further investigation and analysis.

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