Bellevue needs Responsible Heliport Policy.

3.15.10 Hearing Examiner Decision: Recommends that City Council remand the Kemper Helipad application back to City Staff for further investigation and analysis!

March 15, 2010

Today, the Bellevue Hearing Examiner recommended that the Kemper Development Private Helipad Conditional Use Permit Application be remanded back to Bellevue City Staff for further study.   This recommendation is going to be submitted to Bellevue City Council for their review.

The Council can either adopt the recommendation and send it back to City staff for more review or overrule the Examiner and make a final decision.

The date for the next meeting has not yet been set.

This will be a Council Meeting that you (and all your friends and neighbors) will want to attend!

Some background to refresh your memory:

The Bellevue Land Use code requires that all applications to construct a heliport must include “the results of the appropriate Federal Aviation Administration review.”   On November 16, 2009, Bellevue City Council sent the Kemper Development Private Heliport Conditional Use Permit application back to the Hearing Examiner to take further evidence on whether this condition had been met.

After two days of hearings on this issue, the Hearing Examiner has determined that it is impossible to tell whether the FAA’s review was “appropriate” because KDC submitted two different, inconsistent applications to the FAA and the records produced by the FAA about its investigation were incomplete.  Under the circumstances, the Hearing Examiner’s recommendation that the only solution was to send the matter back to the City staff and require the City staff to obtain complete information on the FAA review of the helistop proposal and issue, as necessary, a new staff report.

The application now will return to the City Council, which will have to decide whether to accept the Examiner’s recommendation.  A date for the City Council’s hearing has not been set.

Check back here and we’ll keep you updated.

Click here to read Seattle Times Bellevue Blog article, “Kemper Development helistop proposal may receive further study” by Katherine Long,  March 16, 2010

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