Bellevue needs Responsible Heliport Policy.


UPDATE, NOV. 9,  2009

The Bellevue City Council held an initial hearing on the heliport appeal on November 2 to a packed crowd, with the vast majority of those in the hearing room audience definitely on the “No Heliport” side of the debate.

Attorneys for the Appellants argued that…

  • the heliport application was deficient because it did not include the results of the FAA review of the heliport as required by City Code.
  • the abbreviated noise study that was conducted was inadequate to assess the impacts of the project.
  • the noise that would be caused by the heliport was far in excess of the noise levels allowed in residential units
  • the approval of a heliport for the benefit of a few people at the detriment of the thousands of people who live and work in downtown Bellevue was inconsistent with the City’s goal of a vibrant downtown area with a mix of residential and commercial uses.

At the end of the hearing, the attorney for Kemper Development asked the Council for more time to respond, claiming he was not prepared to fully answer the arguments that had been presented.  After a brief discussion, the Council allowed him to submit a written response no later than November 9, not to exceed 5 pages.

On November 9, KDC submitted nine pages of argument, well above the amount allowed by the City Council.  The City Council has been asked to disregard the KDC filing because it so  significantly violated the page limit imposed by the Council.  Attorneys for the Appellants have also asked the City Council for an opportunity to respond to the new KDC arguments.

The Council has scheduled further discussion of the application and the appeals for the regular council meeting on November 16.  It is important that opponents of the heliport attend the meeting and make the Council aware of the considerable public opposition.

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