Bellevue needs Responsible Heliport Policy.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Helistop Hearing: Monday, November 2, 8PM

Bellevue City Council is set to hear the Kemper Development Conditional Use Permit Appeals on Monday, November 2, 8:00PM at Bellevue City Hall Council Chambers.

Only the applicant and appellants are able to speak but it is a public meeting and WE URGE YOU TO ATTEND THE MEETING as a demonstration to Council that you are concerned about the issue and paying attention to this discussion.

If you plan to attend, please let us know!  RSVP:

Once the precedent is set, it will be very difficult to undo! This is our last, best chance to take a stand to keep Bellevue skies clear, clean, safe and quiet.


From City of Bellevue News Release, Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bellevue City Council Monday voted unanimously to consider changes to the city’s helicopter landing regulations.

The council rejected proposals for an immediate moratorium on helistops and helipads or a code amendment prohibiting all but emergency helicopter landing facilities citywide. Deputy Mayor Claudia Balducci supported these proposals, saying that each would offer a “time-out” before any new helicopter landing permit applications are made.

Neither proposed action would have applied to a helistop permit now before city officials. Kemper Development has obtained a conditional use permit to locate a helistop atop the Bank of America building downtown. An opposition group, citing concerns about noise and safety, has appealed the permit, and the council must make a ruling in November.

Mayor Grant Degginger argued against a prohibition or moratorium on helicopter landing facilities, asserting that it would be difficult for residents to separate the council’s action on that from the ruling the council must make in November on Kemper Development’s permit application.

Council members asked that changes to helicopter landing regulations be revisited soon after the ruling on the pending permit has been made

From City of Bellevue website:

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